Open letter: Nature is the  beating heart  of a ‘green recovery’ and  the  foundation  to  ‘build back better’


A COALITION of international businesses and organisations has shared an open letter to asking ‘CEOs everywhere’ to use their platforms to keep nature at the heart of governments’ recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

The Business for Nature campaign has called on corporations to encourage political leaders to embrace economic policies and packages that prioritise nature restoration.

The group includes a host of organisations, including We Mean Business, WWF, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the United Nations Global Compact.

The letter reads: “Currently, over  half the world’s  GDP, $44 trillion of economic value, is exposed  to risks from  nature loss.

“Before coronavirus, the need to create more resilient economies and societies was clear, now it is inescapable.

“Healthy societies, resilient economies and thriving businesses rely on nature.

“The natural  resources  and ecosystems that power  your  businesses and  underpin  the  economies  and communities you are part of  are under huge strain.

“The global pandemic has forced all of us to rethink the world we want to live in.

“Many of you have already shared and supported ideas for how we rebuild our economy and society.

“We now also need to emphasise that  nature  is the  beating heart  of a ‘green recovery’  and  the  foundation  to  ‘build back better’.

“Many companies are already making nature a priority through the way they sustainably use natural resources across their supply chains, create clean jobs, and produce greener products.

“Now, those leadership efforts need to be scaled up through further voluntary action complemented by ambitious, transformative government policy.

“This is in line with what  scientists  tell  us is needed to mitigate climate change and  for  the world  to  thrive within nature’s limits.

“As political leaders plan the path out of this crisis, they must hear from business leaders that a healthy natural world remains a critical priority.

“We look to you, the leaders of companies, to add your voice to those speaking up for nature  and people.”