Electricity North West awards £400m to maintain underground network


ELECTRICITY North West has completed its largest-ever tender process for construction activities on the underground power network.

With an estimated value of £400m over eight years, contracts have been awarded to Network Plus Services Limited and O’Connor Utilities Limited.

Peter Emery, chief executive at Electricity North West, commented on the news: “Following a comprehensive tender process, I’m pleased to confirm Network Plus and O’Connor Utilities as our partners for completing underground construction work throughout the North West for the next eight years.

“This is a crucial time for the North West’s power network.

“We expect electricity usage to significantly increase as we move towards a decarbonised economy.

“That means more electricity flowing through our network being fed in from more and more renewable sources, powering electric vehicles and the homes of the future.

“Getting the right contractors at the right price is vital for the network and all our customers.

“I look forward to working alongside both companies as we continue to upgrade the region’s power network to keep the North West running.”

Network Plus, formally T&K Gallagher Ltd, will continue its operations in the northern half of the Electricity North West operating area, covering Cumbria and Lancashire.

O’Connor Utilities will operate in the south, including Greater Manchester and the surrounding area, work which is currently undertaken by Excalon Limited.

Electricity North West is responsible for maintaining 44,000km of underground electricity cables throughout the North West.

The company is investing £1.9bn between 2015 and 2023 to ensure ‘an excellent, safe and affordable service is delivered.’

The tender process took place over 12 months and following the agreement, work will start on 1 April 2020.