Energy networks unveil plan to deliver world’s first zero emissions gas system


GAS network companies across the UK have come forward with their shared plan to deliver the first zero emissions gas network in the world.

This is following a new ‘Pathways to Net Zero’ report by Navigant, that concluded decarbonising the gas network will be critical in order for UK to meet its net zero targets.

“Decarbonisation is critical to meeting the 2050 target, as well as lowering costs”, Tim Partridge, Head of Operations and Trading at DB Group (Europe), commented on the announcement to ICON.

“What we now need is the investment and legislative framework to enable them to deliver on these ambitions including work around green gases, and, of course, progress matched by electricity networks.”

The report, commissioned by Energy Networks Association, also set out technical, operational and regulatory actions that need to take place to achieve it.

According to the report, mandating ‘hydrogen-ready’ boilers is part of a suite of actions that should be taken to advance the implementation of net zero, as well as:

  • Introducing a comprehensive energy efficiency programme – helping to keep homes warm and alleviating fuel poverty
  • Increasing the volume of green gases, like biomethane and hydrogen, in the energy system
  • Providing support for large-scale trials including Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage, hydrogen production and smart hybrid heating systems
  • Changing gas safety, metering and billing regulations to allow hydrogen into the system

“We are facing a climate emergency and now is the time for action. Cutting emissions from heating has historically been complicated which is why I am delighted Navigant’s report shows the pathways we need to take to deliver low carbon heating for 23 million homes and businesses and getting us to net zero”, David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association, said.

“The country should be proud of the innovation and engineering expertise that has led to Britain being a world-leader of renewable energy, including green gasses.

“It is now for government, the regulator and industry to build on that success and create the right policy and regulatory environment to attract the investment required to deliver the world’s first net zero emissions gas network for the public.”