Fuel poverty project wins Energy Institute award


TEAM behind the Energy Wise Vulnerable Customers and Energy Efficiency project has been awarded Energy Institute’s Community Spirit Award.

Energywise was a research project by University College London to address the needs of people living in fuel poverty and ensure people living in social housing developments can access the energy saving and economic benefits of the national smart meter roll-out.

This was done by engaging both with fuel poor customers and the public sector bodies supporting them.

The project used a large-scale behavioural study on Time of Use tariffs explored how distribution network operators can work collaboratively with energy suppliers and local trusted organisations to deliver appropriate services to communities of low-income households who may be struggling with their energy bills.

By using Time of Use tariffs consumers could save energy and reduce bills, using information their smart meters to reduce demand at peak times.

University College London Energy Institute’s team, led by Prof David Shipworth, did the analysis of consumer energy saving and energy shifting on the Energywise trials.

The Community Spirit award is aimed at both energy companies that have instigated projects for the benefit of communities they work among and communities undertaking their own initiatives to tackle energy issues or draw help and advice from energy companies.

The project was completed with UKPN, British Gas, CAG Consultants, Tower Hamlets Homes, Poplar HARCA, Bromley-by-Bow Community Centre as partners and was funded by Ofgem.