Gateshead will host pioneering hydrogen energy pilot


WINLATON in Gateshead will become the first on public UK gas network to use blended hydrogen for heating and cooking next year.

From December 2020, 670 homes and businesses will take part in the next stage of HyDeploy, a pioneering energy pilot.

Customers will receive gas blended with 20% zero-carbon hydrogen in a demonstration lasting 10 months.

John McElroy, Gateshead Council’s cabinet member for environment and transport said: “We all have a duty to act to help prevent further climate breakdown which is already causing serious damage around the world.

“The council has committed to being carbon neutral by 2030 and by taking part in innovative pilots such as these we can further help ensure Gateshead is making a positive contribution to reversing the effects of climate change.”

Gateshead Council is supporting HyDeploy, as part of its commitment to tackle climate change and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the region.

The pilot in Winlaton will provide important evidence that will help inform how hydrogen could be used more widely in a practical, affordable way, and will be the first time most customers will have experienced using it for energy in their homes.

All customers who are taking part in the pilot have been contacted and gas safety checks are being carried out in homes and buildings in the pilot area.