Government consults on draft ecodesign and energy labelling regulations on lighting sources


Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is seeking views on proposed updates on the existing ecodesign and energy labelling requirements which apply to light sources and separate control gears (‘lighting products’) in the UK.

Ecodesign aims to phase out the least efficient energy-related products from the market
through minimum energy performance requirements, whilst energy labelling aims to drive the uptake of the most energy efficient products on the market by offering consumers with information on the energy performance of the products they are buying.

This consultation sets out what the draft regulations are trying to achieve and asks for views on:

  • the ecodesign and energy labelling proposals themselves
  • BEIS assessment of the costs and benefits of these regulations as well as their assessment of the impact of not regulating
  • the intended timetables for reviewing the draft regulations after they come into force

The consultation is open to anyone but in particular responses are welcomed from manufacturers and their authorised representatives, importers, trade bodies, consumer groups, environmental organisations and other civil society organisations and those with an interest in energy efficiency, resource efficiency, circular economy and climate change.

Following the consultation, BEIS will consider whether revisions are needed to the draft regulations and will publish a final Impact Assessment alongside the final regulations.

This consultation closes at

More information about this consultation and taking part is available on the government website.