Inquiry to examine effect of Government fuel policy across all transport modes

Photo by Tomas Anton Escobar on Unsplash

The Transport Committee is to examine the effect of Government fuel policy on connectivity, capacity and sustainability across all transport modes, including motor vehicles, maritime, rail and aviation, up to 2050.

In the new ‘Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity’-inquiry, the Committee is calling for written evidence on:

  • The effect of Government fuel policy on future road, rail, air and maritime connectivity.
  • Whether and how the Government is ‘technology neutral’ in its regulation and assessment of alternative fuels, and how its policies on alternative fuels influence investment, research, development and production.
  • The infrastructure required to develop, produce, store and dispense alternative fuels
  • Steps that the Government could take to maximise the utility of the UK’s existing transport stock while meeting climate change commitments.
  • The contribution that alternative fuels could make to sustainability, transport decarbonisation and connectivity..

The closing date for written evidence is Friday, January 21, 2022.

More information about this inquiry and submitting evidence is available on the UK Parliament website.