London’s successful Climate Action Week goes online


LONDON Climate Action Week takes place in two parts this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the first part, LCAW Digital, running this week from 1-3 July.

The digital event brings together climate experts and policy makers from London and beyond to deliver resilient climate action in the wake of COVID-19.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, commented: “Last year we held London’s first ever Climate Action Week, bringing together climate expertise and talent from across the world.

“I’m proud to see that it’s back in 2020, despite the huge challenges posed by coronavirus.

“The climate emergency remains one of the biggest threats we face.

“As we recover from COVID-19, we can’t replace one health emergency with another – we need to come out of this crisis embracing a new normal which puts tackling the climate emergency at the heart of everything we do.

“With the delay to COP 26 we can’t lose the momentum on climate action, so I’m pleased to see that London organisations are leading the way, showing once again that the capital is a driving force for action nationally and globally.”

Under the operation name ‘Harnessing the power of London for global climate action’, LCAW Digital seeks to ensure a green recovery, focusing on three key themes:

  1. Green Investment for Economic Recovery
  2. Politics of Collaboration and Competition
  3. Solutions: Adaptation and Resilience

The event includes webinars and other online resources.

The second part of London Climate Action Week 2020 will take place 14-20 November.

This will be a larger event and convene communities and citizens from across London, aiming to be a unifying moment shaping a “whole of society” response to the climate emergency.

Together, London’s cultural institutions, policy-makers, professionals, communities, faith leadership, academics and researchers will explore new solutions to transition to an equitable net zero carbon world.

For more information, visit here