New inquiry focuses on governance needed for UK to reach net zero

Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has launched an inquiry on net zero governance, which will examine the leadership and co-ordination which will be needed by government to deliver on the UK’s commitment to reach net zero by 2050.

inquiry will examine the BEIS leadership role in delivering net zero, how effectively the Department is driving co-ordinated action across Whitehall and the role that devolved administrations and local and regional authorities can play.

The inquiry will also examine the Government’s success in engaging with public sector bodies, regulators, businesses and citizens on net zero and the role and oversight of net zero performance metrics in Government.

Darren Jones, Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, commented on the announcement: “Getting to net-zero will require a significant increase in the scale and pace of change across every part of the UK, especially in the decade ahead.

“We need the Government to quickly move from announcing targets to setting out delivery plans, to ensure a fair and just transition, and to bring about genuine public engagement and consent for the measures necessary to achieve our climate targets.

The Climate Change Committee’s Progress Report to Parliament highlights that the Government has been too slow to back up its high ambitions on climate change with the policies, financing and delivery bodies that are need to actually deliver on our decarbonisation targets.

“Ahead of COP26, there should be an even greater focus on getting our governance and delivery arrangements right to deliver our net-zero target.

“Leaders from around the world will no doubt ask what we are doing in the UK to deliver on our own targets, especially as we’re asking every other country to do the same.”

The BEIS Committee also welcomes evidence for this inquiry on the effectiveness of current parliamentary scrutiny arrangements for climate change.

The Committee’s call for evidence is issued ahead of a series of public evidence hearings which are likely to begin in the autumn, with stakeholders including energy and business organisations, think-tanks, the Climate Change Committee, and Government Ministers.

Deadline for written evidence submitted as part of this inquiry is Friday 27 August 2021.

More information about the Net Zero Governance-inquiry and how to take part is available on the UK Parliament website.