New research seeks to take local energy systems into the future


A NEW project led by Pure Leapfrog seeks to make local energy systems future-proof in the North West.

The charity will collaborate with 11 partners from community energy, the energy industry, local government and academia.

The project will assess ways of optimising the current energy infrastructure in Warrington and develop low-carbon solutions able to deliver Carbon Budget 5, with a pathway to net zero, alongside the 25% consumer cost reduction.

Claire Hanratty, CEO of Pure Leapfrog, commented on the project: “We are excited to be able to contribute to shaping smart local energy systems of tomorrow.

“Project REWIRE NW provides a unique opportunity to secure a key role for the community in the next generation of low-carbon energy systems.

“To be successful, those systems will have to consider their social impact alongside environmental benefits.

“This is a way for us to ensure that the energy transition is a ‘just transition’.”

Over the next two years the project will develop new models for the whole energy system, including Energy, Heat and Transport across the Warrington Borough area which can then be implemented across the UK.

This ambitious £2.8m project, is part of UK Research and Innovation’s wider programme ‘Prospering from the Energy Revolution’ and is jointly funded by the project partners and UK Research and Innovation.