“Now is the time to act” – new Net Zero Roadmap launched

Photo by James Newcombe on Unsplash

The Net Zero All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has launched its first post-COP26 analysis, setting out the critical pathways the UK Government need to follow to go ‘further and faster’ on the road to net zero.

Whilst their Net Zero roadmap welcomes the Government’s target to reach net zero emissions by 2050, APPG highlights ‘profound concerns’ about whether the Government’s Net Zero Strategy is commensurate to the scale of the challenge.

Alex Sobel MP, Chair of the Net Zero APPG, commented on the new report: “There are huge opportunities for UK business in a well-designed transition and enormous potential for win-win solutions, most notably increased energy independence and food security and improved public health and air quality.

“But there is also a growing risk of a catastrophic backlash in public opinion against poorly designed or badly justified climate policies, as illustrated by the ongoing energy crisis and resurgence of fossil fuels around the world.

“The Net Zero APPG Roadmap Report represents a significant body of evidence and work undertaken over the past two years – supported by Parliamentarians of all parties and industry stakeholders. We hope that the Government will embrace our recommendations in full and without delay.

“We must enhance our collective prosperity and resilience. Our Net Zero Roadmap makes it clear that now is the time to act.”

The roadmap highlights key policy areas where the Government needs to do more to accelerate its policy pledges, setting out new policy proposals and recommendations for consideration.

It calls for immediate emission reductions, planning and investment to address the ‘final 25%’ challenge of emissions in the UK’s hard-to-abate sectors to ensure a ‘smooth, just and socially inclusive’ transition.

Recognising that achieving Net Zero will not be without its challenges, the Roadmap calls for ‘bold leadership and vision’ so that the UK can ‘genuinely lead the way’ on the road to Net Zero – and for Government to invest in incentives to trigger and accelerate behaviour change by businesses and consumers.

The ‘Getting to Net Zero by 2050 – or sooner’-report can be found on the APPG website.