Ofgem seeks views on equipment used in biomethane production


OFGEM is inviting views on the industry standards and practices for commissioning equipment used in the production of biomethane.

That is under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which was introduced to help support the transition to low carbon heating in the UK.

The RHI provides support for biomethane production by allowing producers to become
registered onto the scheme and receive payments in respect of eligible biomethane they
produce, that is injected into the gas grid.

Ofgem is responsible for administering the RHI schemes and its day-to-day functions on
behalf of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority.

The regulator isseeking views specifically on equipment used in biomethane production, which includes but is not limited to biomethane upgrading equipment and the biogas production plant.

The document states: “We are not seeking views on the legal definition of ‘commissioned’. Our call for evidence is instead focused on the procedures, tests, usual industry standards and practices that you regard as relevant to commissioning equipment used in the production of biomethane in order to demonstrate that it is capable of producing biomethane for injection.

“We are particularly interested in views relating to biogas production technologies.”

The call for evidence is open until 16 December.

View the whole consultation document here