Top water saver cities of the west unveiled by Wessex Water


THE TOWNS and cities in the west of England that have the best water savers have been revealed by Wessex Water.

The water company, which supplies water to most of Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset, has ranked the places where water savvy people keen to reduce their water use live.

People of Wareham in Dorset came out on top in the region relative to its size, followed closely by Salisbury in Wiltshire and Langport in Somerset.

The water company ranked places based on how many of its free water saving packs had been ordered per 1,000 customers during the last year.

Wareham came out on top with more than 100 people in the small Dorset town making a conscious effort to save water by requesting items including a water efficient showerhead, aerators for taps and a cistern bag for single-flush toilets.

It means they’ll be saving up to 60 litres of water a day.

Wessex Water’s head of water resources, Paul Saynor, commented on the announcement: “Saving water is really important, especially with people spending more time at home than usual at the moment.

“Not only could you save money if you’re on a water meter, but you’ll help to keep more water in the environment.

“It’s encouraging to see so many people looking to become more water efficient by requesting our free water-saving pack, which is full of handy devices that can be fitted around the home to reduce flow rates or encourage behaviour changes, without affecting quality of life.”

The top five places to save water were:

  1. Wareham, Dorset
  2. Salisbury, Wiltshire
  3. Langport, Somerset
  4. Weymouth, Dorset
  5. Dorchester, Dorset