UK’s coal-free power streak ends as Drax tests coal-fired unit


ALMOST two months of coal-free power generation came to an end this week after Drax turned on one of its coal-fired units for testing.

In total, the grid ran for 67 days, 22 hours and 55 minutes without coal power, the longest stretch since 1882.

A spokesperson for Drax commented: “Essential maintenance has been carried out on one of our coal generating units as is usual during the spring and summer months when demand is lower, and the coal units are not required to run.

“Following the completion of this work we need to make sure the unit is performing well, ready for the winter when demand for power increases and the coal units are expected to run.

“As a result, tests are being carried out now which require the unit to generate power.”

Drax has announced it will stop generating power using coal in March 2021 and has committed to become carbon negative by 2030.