Uncertainty over space for COP26


SCOTLAND will work with all parties to deliver a successful COP26 in Glasgow, Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has said.

Updating parliament, she said that COP26 offered an unique opportunity for Scotland to put progress towards decarbonisation at the forefront of people’s thinking.

It comes as the Scottish Police Authority have revised their estimated costs for policing the event to £180 million, directly leading to further reductions in associated costs by around £40 million.

This follows the recent Budget, which committed an extra £500 million to low carbon transitioning and more funding than ever before for climate action.

As discussions over the use of the Glasgow Science Centre with the UK Government continue, she called on them to work constructively to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Ms Cunningham said: “COP26 will be a critical moment in the global fight against climate change. It must set the world on course to net zero within a generation.

“In recent weeks, significant progress had been made towards agreement of a shared space.

“However, at the end of last week, it became clear that sharing the Glasgow Science Centre is no longer an option for the UK Government, placing the Centre in a difficult position.

“We have no desire for uncertainty to continue, as we have always been clear that COP26 should transcend politics.

“In the spirit of partnership, I have written to the COP26 President to offer the transfer of control of the Science Centre to the UK Government on the provision that we are offered an appropriate alternative venue.

“I therefore urge the UK Government to conclude this matter without delay to ensure we have a platform to pursue increased global action.

“We want to use COP26 as a catalyst to attract new investment, innovation and sustainable growth for Scotland, that will firmly position Scotland as a world leader in tackling climate change.”