Water industry staff works to keep the nation’s water running amid the coronavirus pandemic


WATER company staff are continuing to keep the nation’s water and sewage services running during the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Government has officially designated water and sewerage workers as ‘key workers’ in a critical public service – and as a result thousands of water personnel have continued to be out on UK streets carrying out critical maintenance, laying new pipes, finding and fixing leaks and unblocking sewers.

Water company staff are among the army of key workers making sure the UK continues to have the vital services it needs.

Given the importance of water for public health, especially at this time, the water industry is putting all its efforts into maintaining water supplies and sewerage services.

The industry put pandemic plans into action two months ago to ensure that they could continue to provide clean, safe, and reliable drinking water for everyone.

Water UK Chief Executive Christine McGourty commented on the situation: “Please help us to help you.

“If you see water company employees out on the streets during this difficult time, why not give them a wave to show your support for the vital work they do to keep our water supplies flowing.

“We’re working for you, to maintain our networks and deal with any problems that come up, and water company employees are officially designated as key workers by the Government.

“But if you do see someone repairing a pipe or dealing with a leak, please don’t approach them.

“In line with Government advice, like everyone else we’re all practising social distancing – the water industry’s priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe. So please keep your distance and our essential workers will carry on with their essential work for you.”

As well as being a visible presence on the streets, water companies in England and Wales have stepped up efforts to help customers who have lost their jobs or had their incomes cut during the coronavirus crisis.

The companies are encouraging households suffering from immediate or short-term issues with paying their bills to get in contact so that they can receive help.

All water companies have measures in place for people who struggle to pay their water and wastewater services.

During the current crisis, companies are reaching out to their household customers to encourage them or people they know to take advantage of the assistance available.