Water Saving Week: Four ways your business can save water


WATER is a precious natural resource and using it responsibly not only helps the environment but can help your business save a considerable amount of money with simple measures.

Despite what you might think, the UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. London is drier than Istanbul, and the South East of England has less water available per person than some African countries.

In order to celebrate Waterwise’s Water Saving week, ICON has put together some tips on how to get your business started on saving water.

Watch your water use

Monitoring your water usage is the easiest way to save both money and the environment. There are various ways to do this:

  • Perform a water audit: A commercial water audit examines how much water a business uses and offers information on how to save both water and money. Audits can also identify costly water leaks that should be repaired. Some water utilities offer audits to commercial customers for free and even provide rebates for water-saving initiatives.
  • Using water-efficient technology: Various equipment businesses use consume a lot of water but are available in water-efficient models, or have less-water-intensive alternatives.
  • Replace inefficient equipment: As with the concept of energy-efficiency, old or inefficient equipment can mean increased water costs. It’s worthwhile to go over all the equipment in your business to organise their maintenance or replacement if required.

Remember regular readings

If you have a water meter, providing regular readings ensures that you will be charged only for the water you have used instead of an estimate. Knowing how much water you regularly use can help detect leaks early on, as this will show as higher usage in your bill. Noticing and repairing leaks early will help you save money and prevent possibly thousands of litres of water from going to waste.

Engage your employees

Every employee plays a role in water usage, so this is a great opportunity to form a group green effort. Remind your colleagues on sensible water use in your internal communications, such as posters and newsletters. Ask their opinions and ideas on how to save even more water.

Consider your greenery

Luscious grass outside your office can require dozens of litres of water to remain green. Consider introducing plants and landscape solutions that require less water to maintain. Also, is there a way your business could take advantage of rainwater? Harvested rainwater can be used for non-potable water uses such as yard and vehicle cleaning and toilet flushing. Take on professional advice however, as a sanitation process may be needed to prevent spray back of unclean water vapour.


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