£8m to be invested in new LED street lights across Northern Ireland


Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has said an £8m investment this year to deliver a new LED street lighting programme will deliver future energy savings and is another step forward in delivering sustainable infrastructure across the north.

These lights have a predicted lifetime of approximately 25 years.

Minister Mallon commented on the announcement: “Investing in our street lighting programme is very important for me as street lights improve the safety of an area, help tackle anti-social behaviour and are crucial in ensuring those driving, cycling, wheeling and walking can do so safely after dark.

“Upgrading this infrastructure to LED is also much more energy efficient as well as being environmentally friendly.

“I am delighted that all of the energy used to power the street lights the Department is responsible fo  is now generated from 100% renewable sources.

“Up to 1 April 2021, approximately 112,000 new LED units have been installed, representing 39% of the Department’s total stock of 288,959 lights.

“This has resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of approximately 24%.

“This £8m investment that I am making will allow the replacement of approximately 30,000 sodium street lights this year with energy efficient LED units, which represents a further 10% of the lighting network and will deliver a further reduction in energy consumption of approximately 8%, bringing the current total of savings to over 30%.

“If anyone was in any doubt, the IPCC Report from the United Nations is a stark wakeup call on the need for urgent action across the board to tackle the climate crisis.

“I am committed to doing what I can to protect our planet and to seize this crucial chance for change.”