Brighton plans to be ‘car-free’ by 2023


Brighton & Hove City councillors have agreed to explore the possibility of the city becoming ‘car-free’ by 2023.

Members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee last week requested a report that explores the feasibility and costs of developing a car-free city that will be presented to them in October.

The report will also look at costs and practicalities of any project or any possible exemptions.

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, Anne Pissaridou, commented on the plans: “We were elected on a manifesto pledge to make our city carbon neutral by 2030.

“We have declared a climate emergency and are making progress on decarbonisation.

“But, we must take major steps to reach our ambitious target, so we are proud to work cross-party and champion a car free city centre.

“Crucially though, this will be for the climate assembly to decide, as our residents must lead on how we combat the climate crisis.

“We will continue to listen to and work with residents, stakeholders and campaign groups like Extinction Rebellion – as we must all come together to save the planet and the work starts at home.”

Councillors also noted that the joint notice of motion should be considered by the city’s Climate Assembly, which is due to meet this spring.

Green councillor Amy Heley said: “I proposed this motion because I’ve been inspired by European cities such as Ghent and Oslo, who have demonstrated that a car-free city centre can be beneficial for all.

“Having a greater understanding of city-centre traffic is a realistic response to the emergency of the climate crisis.

“It offers an opportunity to deal with congestion, road safety, and dangerous levels of air pollution.

“This report will help the city understand what the proposals emerging from other UK cities could mean for Brighton & Hove and our ambitious climate targets.”