Labour promises to start nationalising utilities 100 days after winning


LABOUR has announced that it would begin the nationalisation of utilities within the first hundred days of taking office if they were to win the general election.

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced that the party would set up boards to run utilities made up workers as well as representatives from local councils.

In his speech on Monday, Mr McDonnell said: “In our first hundred days we will start the process of bringing water and energy into public ownership.

“We’ll make sure decisions are taken locally by those who understand the services – those who use them and deliver them.

“Meetings will be public and streamed online, with new transparency regulations set higher than ever before, so you can see if your road is being dug up, why, and for how long. And we’ll create new People’s Assemblies to give everyone the option of participating in how their utilities are run.”