New app shows when energy is the greenest and the best time to use it

Image by National Grid ESO

A NEW app allows users to see how their electricity is being generated and predicts when it will be greenest – so consumers can use energy at the ‘cleanest’ possible time of day.

National Grid ESO’s app shows where electricity is coming from at any given time, whether it’s from renewable sources or more traditional forms of power.

The app then calculates the carbon intensity of electricity, the number of grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) that it takes to make one unit of electricity (a kilowatt per hour (kW/hour) and gives a near real time carbon intensity score.

National Grid ESO Energy Intelligence Manager James Kelloway commented on the new app: “We want to encourage more people to plug in and use electricity when we have lots of green energy available.

“Our app shows in near real time where energy is being sourced from, how green it is and the best time to use it.

“It can also be linked to smart devices to automate energy use to coincide with the peaks in green energy production.

“We’re really excited to launch these videos and showcase our app. We want to get people engaged in our data and be smarter in their use of electricity – we look forward to hearing what people think!”

The app is based on a website built in partnership with Oxford University, WWF and Environmental Defense Fund Europe and gives a regional breakdown across Great Britain, showing which region has the lowest carbon impact at any time.

It also shows when new green records are broken in Britain, such as the longest periods of wind power.

The app is available on Android and iPhone.