New consultation examines environmental impact of policies in Scotland’s climate change plan


The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the update to the recently published Climate Change Plan 2018-2032.

Strategic Environmental Assessment is a way of considering the environment when preparing public plans, programmes and strategies. It identifies potential significant environmental effects and, where necessary, describes how these effects can be avoided or reduced.

This report aims to assess the environmental impact of the policies within the update to the Climate Change Plan.

The Climate Change Plan update, to which this Environmental Report relates, sets out the Scottish Government’s approach to delivering a green recovery and a pathway to meet the emissions reduction targets set out in the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

The Scottish Government is seeking views on the draft Environmental Assessment, including the environmental baseline, assessment of findings, and the proposed approach to alternatives, monitoring and mitigation.

The findings of this consultation will help to inform the Environmental Report before it is finalised.

More information about this consultation and how to take part is available on the Scottish Government website.