New guide to be used to cut emissions of public sector buildings

Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay

A new guide to decarbonising public sector buildings and creating a net zero public estate has been launched by the Cabinet Office.

The Net Zero Estate Playbook will ensure consistent approaches, such as using solar panels, LED lighting and greener building materials, are applied across public buildings as they help decarbonise Britain’s largest property portfolio.

The guide provides Government property professionals with guidance on how to approach the design, implementation, and monitoring of a Net Zero strategy and delivery programme.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barclay commented on the announcement: “The public estate generates 2% of the UK’s total emissions. So decarbonising public buildings is absolutely crucial if we’re going to meet our environmental targets.

“Property Professionals should use the Playbook to turn best-practice into standard-practice.

“It will put the public estate in a stronger position to deliver a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035, and fully net zero by 2050.”

The guidance, which will be applied to both existing and new properties, will also help the Department of Health and associated public bodies improve sustainability of their hospitals through the use of low carbon materials and improved understanding of a building’s environmental impact over its entire lifespan.

The Net Zero Estate Playbook supports existing policies designed to drive the UK towards achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, including the 25-Year Environmental Plan, the Greening Government Commitments, and the Net Zero Strategy, which was published in October 2021.

The Playbook can be used as a guide by anyone responsible for managing government property across the public sector.

The Net Zero Estate Playbook is available on the UK Government website.