New online hub involves Lambeth residents to council’s climate action


As part of their journey to become carbon neutral, Lambeth Borough Council in London has launched a new online Climate Action Hub, which allows residents, business and community groups to share projects, ideas and solutions to build a cleaner and greener local environment for themselves.

The website is an opportunity to contribute to the evidence base and ideas that will be considered by the citizens’ assembly and in the development of Lambeth’s borough-wide climate action plan.

Councillor Claire Holland, Deputy Leader (Sustainable Transport, Environment & Clean Air) at Lambeth Council commented on the venture: “The lockdown forced real changes in behaviour which in turn resulted in a marked reduction in traffic, a significant increase in cycling and walking and reduced emissions.

“This resulted in cleaner air and communities using their streets differently.

“The majority of households in Lambeth don’t own a car and live in flats with no access to outside private space.

“We know that nearly 10,000 Londoners a year die from toxic air related conditions.

“COVID-19 is a disease which hits the respiratory system and disproportionately impacts older residents, those with underlying health issues and our Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

“Climate change too exacerbates existing inequalities.

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make major progress towards our bold aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and to tackle multiple inequalities at the same time and support the physical and mental well-being of our residents.

“We have already put a series of measures in place to cut car use and support greener transport, to support local business, to increase recycling and to make homes and offices more sustainable.

“But there’s still much to do which is why we’re determined to leverage the huge passion in this borough for improving our air quality, innovation  and doing our bit to tackle climate change.

“Before lockdown we have some of the most polluted air in the UK, with our children and the most at risk suffering the worst impacts.

“We will not go back to how it used to be, and we want to get everyone involved in tackling inequality this environmental crisis.

“We need to really understand the impacts it will have on our borough and communities, capture the local solutions that exist already, and develop new ideas for a greener borough.

“The new Lambeth Climate Action website will play an important role in achieving that aim.”

Research published last month showed that UK residents want local authorities to act on climate change and are attracted by the prospect of being part of a collective solution.

As the council reportedly is only responsible for 5 per cent of the borough’s carbon emissions, Lambeth Council seeks to collaborate with the local community with the new hub.

The venture also seeks to ensure that the community is able to adapt to the impacts of climate change, including increased risk of flooding, heatwaves and air pollution.

In January 2019, Lambeth became the first London council to declare a climate emergency and aims to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Homes, transport, businesses and other institutions across Lambeth produced over 900 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide in 2018.