New sustainable town of Shawfair to be created in Scotland


THE DEVELOPERS behind the new town of Shawfair have committed to a Sustainable Growth Agreement that will accelerate the delivery of ‘a well-designed, sustainable community that promotes wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.’

The three-year Agreement between Shawfair, Midlothian Council and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency is the first of its kind in the planning and construction sector.

Terry A’Hearn, Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s Chief Executive, commented on the news: “We’re focused on helping build an environmentally, socially and economically successful Scotland where communities and businesses thrive within the resources of our planet. We call this One Planet Prosperity.

“To achieve this we need to work in new, innovative ways with public and private sector partners.

“We’re delighted to be signing a Sustainable Growth Agreement with Shawfair and Midlothian Council and to be looking at opportunities to lock in sustainable development and living at this key location.”

One of the key projects covered within the Agreement is the planned delivery of a District Heating system for Shawfair’s town centre, powered by surplus, zero carbon heat from the adjacent Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre.

District Heating works by distributing heat from one source, via an energy efficient network, instead of having individual central heating systems in each building or home.

It is anticipated that all viable buildings in Shawfair town centre – affordable housing, private homes, businesses and community premises such as the proposed new Community Campus and health centre – will reap the benefit of lower cost energy bills.

Ed Monaghan, a director of Shawfair LLP said: “Our ambition for our new town of Shawfair is to become a model for healthy living by creating a highly connected, sustainable environment and an attractive alternative to traditional suburbs.

“The agreement will accelerate our progress in this regard and we look forward to working even more closely with our partners to make Shawfair a fantastic place to live and work.”

The principles and practical guidance enshrined in the agreement ‘will become the exemplar for the future with learnings shared with other organisations interested in sustainable development.’

Cllr Russell Imrie from Midlothian Council said:  “Our desire is for Shawfair to become a model for sustainable development, where good ideas can flourish and where local people can benefit from excellent access to employment, public transport and local amenities.”