No country does enough to cut down carbon emissions, says UN report


No country in the world is doing enough to cut down their carbon emissions, according to the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report published today.

The report, which has been published every year for the past decade, compares the expected gap between of the Paris Agreement for 2030 targets and the predicted emissions.

The annual emissions gap report shows that even if all current commitments are met, temperatures will rise by more than double the predicted 1.5°C/2°C  by 2100.

According to the report, emissions have gone up by 1.5% per year in the last decade.

In 2018, the total reached 55 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent.

This is putting the Earth on course to experience a temperature rise of 3.2C by the end of this century.

The actions of the richest countries in the world are highlighted in the report in particular.

20 of the wealthiest countries (G20) are responsible for 78% of all emissions, with the UN calling for greater and faster cuts.