No more fossil fuels to heat new social houses, the Welsh Government announces

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

The use of fossil fuels to heat newly-built social homes will end from October 1st as Welsh Government commits to renewable energies and cutting edge technologies in its new build standards.

The ambition is for private developers to adopt the Welsh Development Quality Requirements 2021 – Creating Beautiful Homes and Places, by 2025.

According to the Welsh Government, new homes will need to reach the highest energy efficiency standards to reduce carbon use during build and when inhabited.

This move is reported underpins the Welsh Government’s commitment to build 20,000 high quality, low carbon homes for rent over the next five years. Social housing built with Welsh Government funding will ‘trailblaze’ the new standards.

The new rules are significant to Welsh Government’s response to the climate emergency and commitment to drive down emissions to reach the ambitious ‘net zero carbon by 2050’ goal. In Wales, residential emissions make up 10% of all carbon emissions.

Minister for Climate Change Julie James commented on the announcement: “Our new ‘Creating Beautiful Homes and Places’ building standards show the bold and immediate action we are taking in responding to the climate emergency.

“How we live and heat our homes over the coming years will be pivotal in reaching our net zero goals.

“Curbing the worst impacts of climate change is a matter of social justice, but so is ensuring people have access to internet in their homes, and enough space to live well. These standards ensure all of these targets are met as they reflect our modern ways of living and changing lifestyle needs.

“Making use of innovative construction methods and design, I have every confidence the social housing sector will prove themselves trailblazers of the ambitious standards, as they deliver on our pledge to build 20,000 low carbon homes for rent over the next five years.”

‘Development quality requirements for housing associations and local authorities: 2021’ can be found from the Welsh Government website.