Admire art and artefacts on online museum tours this weekend


WE are about to start our second weekend in lockdown and you might find it hard to find new activities without leaving the house.

Last week we introduced some zoos that have livestream cameras in their enclosures so you can admire some of the most amazing examples of the animal kingdom from the comfort of your home.

This weekend, how about visiting a museum?

Museums offer an informal setting of learning or enjoying art and luckily you can still enjoy what they have to offer without physically being there.

The museums below are offering you the opportunity to see some of the most magnificent collections of artefacts and most iconic pieces of art from around the world online.

Whether you’re in the mood for exploring exquisite Egyptian Antiquities or admiring the amazing art of Ancient Greece, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy them.

So how about messaging your friends and family so that you can take a trip down the iconic hallways together in the virtual format?


Virtual Museum Tours/ On-line Collections to view