GridBeyond open first office in the United States


GridBeyond, a leading intelligent energy and smart grid platform provider for Distributed Energy Resource Management, opens its first US office in Houston, Texas.

This is a key element of GridBeyond’s global expansion plans over the coming months.

Wayne Muncaster, Vice-President for North America operations, who leads on the US expansion, commented: “After months of research and preparation work with our investors and American partners, we are delighted to announce GridBeyond’s expansion into the US and the opening of our new office in Houston.

“For many years Houston has been recognised as a leading centre for the global energy industry.

“We are proud to launch our US operations from here and to add our presence to the growing number of energy tech companies choosing this area as their base.

“We expect our US team to grow to fifty employees across the country within the next three years.

“The expansion of GridBeyond is built on our globally recognised intelligent energy technology and a decade of experience in enabling some of the largest European energy consumers, generators, distributors, utilities, transmission and grid operations networks, to participate in the financial and operational benefits of the most advanced energy markets.

“We are looking forward to working closely with commercial and industrial businesses, utilities and other participants of the US energy markets to enhance their financial outcomes, increase operational resilience and improve sustainability.”

The first step of the company’s global expansion will focus on the liberalised energy markets across the US, starting with Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and PJM Interconnection.

The company brings to market a globally recognised and award-winning AI-powered platform called Point.

The platform connects grid operators, C&I operational load, power suppliers and PPA providers, distributed generation, energy storage, EV charging and utilities, to ultimately support the balancing of demand and supply on the grid, whilst delivering financial incentives.

Michael Phelan, Chief Executive and Co-founder at GridBeyond, added: “Having achieved and maintained the leading position in the European market, it is a natural progression for GridBeyond to expand our intelligent energy and smart grid services into the world’s biggest market for Distributed Energy Resource Management.

“By extending our business into the US, some of the world’s biggest producers and manufacturers across multiple industries will be able to benefit from fast-acting automation and optimisation.

“By managing energy demand assets and distributed generation through our AI-driven intelligent energy technology platform, Point, businesses will see the benefits without impact on their operations.

“Our expansion into the US marks a significant step forward in the growth of GridBeyond.

“There is a rising global demand for advanced automation technologies driven by the energy transition toward digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation.

“This creates opportunities for further dynamic growth of our business.

“Together with our investors and partners, we are working on finalising our offerings and entry strategies to other markets beyond the US.

“We are looking forward to sharing more information about the acceleration of our business growth plan in the coming months.”