Partners named in delivering 40 new public electric vehicle charging hubs


The suppliers to develop over 40 new public electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs across Lanarkshire have been announced.

The first EV-charging hub delivered through a strategic partnership between the Scottish Government and SP Energy Networks has already been installed at Strathclyde Country Park and the organisations which will continue to bring ‘Project PACE’ to life have been unveiled.

One of Scotland’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Swarco eVolt, will be responsible for supplying and installing the EV chargers, while a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric will provide the electrical equipment needed to connect the chargers to the electricity network.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Swarco eVolt, commented: “It is an ambitious initiative delivering an intensive roll-out programme of EV charging points.

“Project PACE’s concentrated programme in Lanarkshire will offer valuable insight into the positive effects that a robust network of charging hubs can have on EV ownership.

“From a driver’s perspective, the network of charging hubs will provide multiple charge points at each well-chosen location, including our Rapid chargers.

“This will provide better access to charging with less waiting time, which in turn radically improves the customer experience and enjoyment of driving an EV.”

SP Energy Networks is collaborating closely with our partners North and South Lanarkshire Councils on site selection and specifications for these new charging hubs, which will be hosted by the local authorities in car parks that they own.

Scott Mathieson

Scott Mathieson, Director of Network Planning and Regulation at SP Energy Networks, commented on the project: “This project is a fantastic example of how we can work smartly together to help tackle the climate emergency efficiently and benefit both the environment and our customers in Lanarkshire.

“It’s great to be working with quality contractors like Swarco and Schneider Electric on Project PACE which will help Scotland drive towards its ambitious net zero carbon emissions targets.

“The decarbonisation of transport is critical to achieving these ambitions so collaboration from industry and government will be required.

“We’re focused on ensuring Scotland has access to a world-leading electric vehicle charging network and the electricity infrastructure needed to support.

“That’s why we are uniquely positioned, as the distribution network operator, to lead this project which aims to hugely increase the number of EV chargers across the two trial areas.

“This will serve as a blueprint for other areas across the country in the shift to electric vehicles, ensuring every community has equal access to charging points connected into Scotland’s electricity networks.”

Project PACE will determine optimum EV charging hub locations across the area and the electricity network infrastructure required to support them.

Each community hub site has been chosen to help fill gaps in the current provision for future EV users and where commercial chargers are unlikely to be placed in the short to medium term.

New charging hubs are planned to be placed at locations including Time Capsule in Coatbridge, Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld, the Ally McCoist Complex in East Kilbride and Carstairs Park & Ride among many others.

The locations will take into account existing electricity infrastructure location and capacity, available land and the need to provide public access.

This will also support community transport organisations across North and South Lanarkshire to make the switch and help ensure no community in left behind in the transition to fully electric vehicles.

Project PACE aims to help achieve ambitious plans by the Scottish Government to phase out the need for new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032.

Transport Scotland’s investment of £5.3m will deliver up to 180 new public EV charge points for the ChargePlace Scotland network which will more than triple EV-charging capacity across Lanarkshire by April 2021.

The project is being delivered by SP Energy Networks, which has invested £1.2 million in the project, as part of the EV Strategic Partnership between the electricity network companies and the Scottish Government which was announced by the First Minister in August 2019.

Gary Hopkins, Plant Director of Schneider Electric, added: “As we look for ways to support a green recovery, the electrification of transport will be a key driver in helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

“We are delighted to see Schneider Electric chosen to provide the electrical infrastructure to support the Project PACE initiative and meet the Scottish Government’s plans to phase out new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032.

“Having a long-standing relationship with SP Energy Networks has allowed us to work collaboratively on the design of the low voltage feeder pillars and we are delighted to play a part in delivering this key demonstrator project.”