Warrington power station set to close in March 2020


SSE has confirmed that the remaining units at its coal-fired Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station in Warrington will close by 31 March 2020.

The Cheshire station will close upon the completion of collective consultation with employees and trade unions.

Fiddler’s Ferry is the last remaining coal-fired power station in SSE’s generation fleet, with a total capacity of 1,510MW from its three operational units.

Unit 1 at the site was closed in March 2019.

Fiddler’s Ferry has had limited success in the Government’s Capacity Market auctions and its current contract ended in September 2019.

Its financial performance has deteriorated to unsustainable levels, with losses of around £40 million in SSE’s last financial year.

‘As national and international policies focus on promoting lower-carbon forms of power generation in a bid to tackle climate change, the economics of coal-fired stations have become increasingly challenged’, the company said in a statement.

SSE has stated its commitment to reducing the carbon intensity of the electricity it generates by 50%, as well as trebling its renewable energy output, by 2030.

SSE announced its proposal to close the station in June this year.